FLOREAT Lions Club (Inc)

District 201W1 Western Australia, Australia.

Welcome to the Floreat Lions Club, Perth, Western Australia -


Floreat Lions Club is a community group, diverse in membership, run by community minded members. We provide a platform for members to give back to their communities through volunteering and community support. 

We support your local schools, sporting groups, animal welfare and global causes such as relief from drought, hunger and diseases.

To join simply Contact Us by Email floreatlions@gmail.com we look forward to hearing from you.

Stories from our members

  • Lions is a great way to spend quality time with your kids while introducing them to the rewards of volunteering 
  • Its my local club, I can have an impact in my community and I dont have to travel
  • I have a busy life but can always find 1hr a month to stay connected 
  • I am passionate about helping others and what I can't achieve on my own, I can achieve through Floreat Lions
  • It gets me out of the house for one night a month, so its a great way to spend timeout contributing with like minded people
  • Its important for my work life ballance that give back to the community in some way
  • I can feel possitive about my contributions, people I am helping and the impact on my community even in troubled times
  • Finding cures for illness is important to me. Lions medical research is world leading covering addiction, diabetes, blindness, hearing loss, cancers, childhood diseases and more

We are your local Lions Club and We Need New Members to continue our work

You may have enjoyed attending one of our many local events including:

  • Carols by Candlelight - Quarry Amphitheatre
  • Australia Day BBQ - Perry Lakes Oval
  • Rose Garden Pruning Event - Cambridge Street
  • Community fundraising 
  • Youth of the Year
  • Cambridge Canines 
  • Children of Courage

Being a Lion does not put demands on your time.

Attendance at meetings is not manditory.

Membership just means staying connected to your club.

Have a say in how Lions can help support your community through projects and sponsorship. Your reward for membership is something you can be proud of!

Floreat Lions in my Community Initiative

The initiative awards a cash prize to support a worthy entry by a club, community group or organisation that demonstrates community spirit and promotes community involvement. 

If you have an enquiry or are seeking support email us on  floreatlions@gmail.com


Our 1.3 million men and women in 205 countries and geographic areas conduct vision and health screenings, build parks, support eye hospitals, award scholarships, assist youth, provide help in time of disaster and much more.

Join us in making our communities and the world better places to live.

Becoming a Lion

Lions club members are men and women just like you, they strive to make a difference in their local community as well as in communities worldwide by donating their time and skills to assist those less fortunate than themselves. Our club is always looking new members and would like to reach out to likeminded members of the community looking for an easy way to volunteer on projects that enhance their community, provide social interaction and engagement or offer them a chance to learn new skills and personal development.  Volunteer efforts are regenerated in the form of financial support - A few hard working people CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE..

Interested in becoming a member? Click Here